Kinkajou Token is a deflationary cryptocurrency that operates on the Bep-20 blockchain. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Kinkajou Token is designed to decrease in supply over time through a process called “token burning.” For each transaction that occurs on the Kinkajou Token network, a small percentage of the transaction fee is automatically burned, reducing the total supply of Kinkajou Tokens in circulation. 

How To Buy


Create a Trustwallet or MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android. This will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive $KINKA


You can buy BNB directly on any centralized exchange like Binance Mexc and send to your Trustwallet or Metamask


Press ‘Select a token’ to swap BNB for $KINKA. Enter the token address, click the swap button & confirm the transaction.


Phase 1- Development and Launch

  • Smart Contract Development – Develop and test the Kinkajou Token smart contract on the SmartChain Blockchain.
  • Token Distribution – Distribute Kinkajou Tokens to early investors and advisors.
  • Listing on Decentralized Exchanges – List Kinkajou Token on popular decentralized exchanges, such as PancakeSwap & poocoin
  • Marketing Campaigns – Launch marketing campaigns to increase awareness and adoption of the Kinkajou Token.
  • 1000+ Holders
  • GC/CMC Listing

Phase 2- Platform Development

  • Platform Development – Develop the Kinkajou Token platform, which will allow users to earn rewards by staking their tokens or providing liquidity to the liquidity pool.
  • Partnership Development – Establish strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects to increase exposure and adoption of Kinkajou Token.
  •  Security Audit
  • 10.000+ Holders
  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges – List Kinkajou Token on centralized exchanges, to increase liquidity and accessibility.
  • Community Building – Engage with the community and build a strong user base for the Kinkajou Token platform.

Phase 3- Expansion and Integration

  • Integration with other Blockchains - Integrate Kinkajou Token with other blockchains, such as Ethereum and others, to increase interoperability and reach a wider user base.
  • DeFi Product Development - Develop additional DeFi products to provide more utility and value to Kinkajou Token holders.
  • Governance Development - Implement a governance system that allows Kinkajou Token holders to vote on important decisions related to the platform and its future development.
  • Strategic Partnerships - Establish strategic partnerships with other companies and organizations to increase adoption and awareness of Kinkajou Token.
  • $Kinka Publicity ( Magazines, News Channels, billboards and TV publications)

Phase 4- Mass Adoption and Charity

  • Global Expansion - Expand the Kinkajou Token platform globally, with a focus on emerging markets.
  • Mobile App Development - Develop a mobile app that allows users to easily access and use the Kinkajou Token platform.
  • Merchant Adoption - Partner with merchants to allow them to accept Kinkajou Token as payment for goods and services ( Pay with $kinka)
  • Community Growth - Continue to engage with the community and grow the user base for Kinkajou Token.
  • Charity and Donation - Implement a mechanism for users to donate Kinkajou Tokens to selected charitable organizations. This will encourage social responsibility and give back to communities in need.

Overall, this roadmap outlines the development and growth of Kinkajou Token on the SmartChain Blockchain, while also emphasizing the importance of social responsibility and giving back to society. By following these steps, Kinkajou Token can achieve mass adoption and become a leading blockchain project in the DeFi space, while also making a positive impact on society.



Holders are rewarded with $BUSD, the stablecoin you know & trust.


the token can be used to access exclusive meme-based content, such as digital art, NFTs, and merchandise.


Kinkajou Tokenomics is a community-driven project and as such, the community will be able to vote on important decisions as relating to the project. Holders of $KINKA will be able to submit proposals and vote on proposals, ensuring that the project remains in the hands of the community.

Deflationary Model

The Kinkajou Tokenomics employs a novel deflationary strategy in which a portion of each transaction fee is burned, gradually diminishing the overall quantity of $KINKA. As a result, the token is a scarce asset with the potential to gain in value as supply drops.



Crypto Enthusiast since 2018

Odunayo is a former banker, an actor, digital marketer and crypto enthusiast who believes in digital assets and giving back to society.

Why Choose Kinkatoken


Kinkatoken has a unique deflationary model where a portion of each transaction fee is burned, reducing the total supply of KINKA over time. This makes the token a scarce asset that can potentially increase in value as the supply decreases.


Kinka is a meme-based project that utilizes popular memes and themes in its branding and marketing. This can appeal to a wide audience of meme enthusiasts and collectors.

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